Your Good Termite Control Service Has Just Gone Organic


In case you have not noticed, over the last few years more and more organically manufactured products have entered our vast consumer markets. And the results have been nothing short of astounding, positively speaking. It is no different for the ever present problem of cleaning the home of those ruddy termites. Look at it this way. After numerous attempts to rid your home of this formidable bug, they still have a habit of finding their way back into your home.

It cannot be helped, because just like you, they seem to love wood. Perhaps they thrive on it more than you do, but it has left its unpleasant mark. Cupboards and staircase banisters are, quite literally, falling apart. And have you ever wondered why your doors do not ever want to close properly? Just think about it, it’s those darn termites. Poisons galore have been used, but the formidable creatures adapted to it so well that it had little to no effect.

And the smell! It’s awful, isn’t it? Not only that, the poisons do more harm to you, your kids and your pets. And ever wondered why your house plants don’t seem to want to grow like they used to. If not that, how did they die so suddenly? There’s your answer. Poison! The organic substitute is by miles far more effective than any chemical convention tried on this good earth of ours. And the new wave of termite control service providers have turned to it in droves.

termite control service

They have researched the matter quite thoroughly and research has shown that the natural ingredient inherited from an indigenous plant species in South America is as deceptive as the pests, if not, more so. How so, you may be wondering. Unlike conventional chemical pesticides, the natural solution carries no odor. Because it is plant based, it has no harmful effects on your household. So the termites have been led to believe as well, although it is grievous and deadly bodily harm that now meets these creatures.

Because they can neither taste nor smell the organic pesticide, they gleefully slide their bodies through it and proceed to eat it. By the time they return to their nests, they die.